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Certainty Certainty SmartShield Ointment in Multiple Colors


Color : Multiple Colors
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About This Product

Certainty® SmartShield provides instant and continuous protection against a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens including bacteria, fungi and viruses. This double-duty formula, prescription-strength formula, is indicated for use as both a nasal decolonizer and healing wound dressing. Applied 2-3 times a day in the nose, a common entry point for many infectious organisms, Certainty SmartShield traps and kills airborne pathogens, helping reduce the risk of getting or spreading an infection. Used on the skin, it acts as a barrier to protect wounds against infection while promoting healing. The FDA-cleared, gentle, petrolatum-based formula is non-irritating, hypoallergenic, and has a long track record of safety and efficacy. Learn more at

  • Unisex Nasal Care Ointment
  • Antimicrobial Ointment
  • Made in the USA

Certainty SmartBoost